Comments, Letters & Position Statements

Comments and Letters

CEASD works to improve systems of education so that deaf and hard of hearing students, regardless of where they attend school, can reach their full potential. The documents below support that effort.

Letter Regarding New York State School for the Deaf Superintendent Position

Letter Regarding California SB 692

Letter Regarding New Mexico HB 237

Letter to Biden/Harris Education Agency Review Team

Comments to the Maternal and Child Health Bureau on A Blueprint for Change

Comments to U.S. Department of Education on IDEA State Performance Plans/Annual Performance Reports

Letter Regarding Montana School for the Deaf and Blind Superintendent Position

Letter Regarding South Dakota School for the Deaf Superintendent Position

Teachers of the Deaf and Personnel Preparation

Deaf Education Guidelines (NASDSE): What you Need to Know

What Constitutes the Least Restrictive Environment for a Deaf or Hard of Hearing Student?

Coalition on Human Needs Letter on Budget Caps

CEASD Comments to U.S. Department of Education on IDEA Implementation Study

CEASD Letter in Support of McDaniel College Deaf Education Program

Council on Education of the Deaf Letter to Deaf Education Programs

Comments to Health Resources and Services Administration

Rethinking Results Driven Accountability

Deaf Education Response DoE-HHS Policy Statement

Position Statements

Scope of Advocacy

CEASD / COSB Joint Statement on Schools for the Deaf and Schools for the Blind

The Full Continuum of Educational Placements for All Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Early Intervention Programs Position Statement