Robert R. Davila Award of Merit

This is the most prestigious award that CEASD grants. This award recognizes leaders who have made uniquely meritorious contributions to the field of deaf education with national level impact and have a career in the field that spans over 20 years.

The nominee must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Influencing significant change in the profession of deaf education;
  • Contributing majorly toward research pertinent to the field;
  • Serving CEASD, on committees and the executive board;
  • Impacting the field through a political or public relations related contribution;
  • Initiating improvements to the field with national impact.

To submit a nomination for this award, please complete the online nomination form and send two letters of recommendation from additional professionals in the field and a recent photo of your nominee to [email protected]. (A photo of your nominee from early in their career is requested but not required.) By submitting this nomination, you also agree to sending in a congratulatory video up to 2 minutes should your nominee be selected to win.