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CEASD is proud of the history of schools for the deaf in the United States, which spans more than 200 years. The first school for the deaf, American School for the Deaf, was established in 1817. Its creation was the culmination of the efforts of a parent of a deaf child and two educators, one who was hearing, and one who was deaf. The founding of the school is an excellent example of the strides that can be made when professionals and families come together for the benefit of the child.

While in the past deaf and hard of hearing students did not enter formal education until around age six, today’s services begin as soon as a child is identified as deaf or hard of hearing.

Currently most newborns have their hearing screened at birth, and hearing levels often are confirmed within a few months. This provides an opportunity to ensure that they have early access to language, and that families receive the resources, connections, and supports they need. With audiologists, speech-language pathologists, certified deaf education teachers, and American Sign Language teachers on staff, schools for the deaf are uniquely qualified to provide a full range of services.

Our schools also offer preschool, which continues to focus on the language learning of the child and support for the family.

In elementary and high school, schools for the deaf strive to remain on the cutting edge of educational practice, with offerings in STEM, the arts, social sciences, and more. Many deaf schools offer after school and summer programs to support students’ social-emotional well-being. Our schools aim to educate the whole child, knowing that education is not just a question of teaching subjects, but also helping every child reach his fullest potential.

Schools for the deaf also serve as advocates for deaf students at the state and federal level, promoting effective systems, high educational standards, and collaboration across agencies.

CEASD works to support our schools by providing high quality professional conferences, leadership training, networking and information sharing, an accreditation process, and more.

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