Common Ground Project

The Common Ground Project

A joint project of CEASD and OPTION Schools

CEASD’s Dialogue with Option Schools

Engaging in critical conversations even among adversaries has proven to be an effective strategy bringing on greater understanding and more productive relationships. Time and again, this has produced positive results that otherwise would not have happened in a variety of situations.

The dialogue between CEASD and Option Schools began as proactive, exploratory discussions to address conflicts that have happened across the country affecting schools and programs serving deaf and hard of hearing children and youth and their families. The conversations have progressed to increasingly clear identification of not only our disagreements but our common values and beliefs as well.

Our hope is that we will at some point be able to collaborate on behalf of the Child First campaign and the education and whole person development of today and tomorrow’s deaf infants, children and youth in ways we have not in the past.

We are passionate and committed to doing what is right and best for today and tomorrow deaf and hard of hearing children and youth. By working together, we would increase our chances of achieving this critical goal.