Indiana School for the Deaf

Mailing Address: 1200 East 42nd Street
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Zip: 46205
Voice Phone Number: 3175504807
VP Number: 3175501983
Program Website: http://www.deafhoosiers.com
Name of Voting Representative 1: Dr. David Geeslin
Title: CEO
Email Address: dgeeslin@isd.k12.in.us
Name of Voting Representative 2: Kim Kause
Title: DOI
Email Address: kkause@isd.k12.in.us
Name of Voting Representative 3: Matt Krueger
Title: SL Director
Email Address: mkrueger@isd.k12.in.us
Name of Voting Representative 4: Andy Alka
Title: Principal
Email Address: aalka@isd.k12.in.us
Name of Associate Representative 1: Sandra Wascher
Title: Principal
Email Address: swascher@isd.k12.in.us
Name of Associate Representative 2: Jeff Choate
Title: Assessment Director
Email Address: jchoate@isd.k12.in.us
Name of Associate Representative 3: Marie Kellam
Title: Curriculum DIrector
Email Address: mkellam@isd.k12.in.us
Name of Associate Representative 4: Dawn Crock
Title: Special Needs Director
Email Address: Dcrock@isd.k12.in.us
Name of person completing this form: Cathy Covey
Located in:
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