Washington State Center for Childhood Deafness & Hearing Loss

Mailing Address: 611 Grand Blvd.
City: Vancouver
State: WA
Zip: 98661
Voice Phone Number: 360-418-0401
Program Website: 360-696-6291
Name of Voting Representative 1: Richard Hauan
Title: Executive Director
Email Address: rick.hauan@cdhl.wa.gov
Name of Voting Representative 2: Shauna Bilyeu
Title: Superintendent
Email Address: shauna.bilyeu@cdhl.wa.gov
Name of Associate Representative 1: Kris Ching
Title: Outreach Director (Birth-5)
Email Address: kris.ching@cdhl.wa.gov
Name of Associate Representative 2: Carol Carrothers
Title: Outreach Director (6-21)
Email Address: carol.carrothers@cdhl.wa.gov
Name of Associate Representative 3: April McArthur
Title: ES Principal/Bilingual Services
Email Address: april.mcarthur@cdhl.wa.gov
Name of Associate Representative 4: Jason Cox
Title: Interim Secondary Principal
Email Address: jason.cox@cdhl.wa.gov
Name of person completing this form: Judy Smith
Located in:
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