The Standards

Commitment to continuous improvement is a dynamic effort, consistently requiring attention and revision. CEASD expects this commitment from the schools it accredits. To that end, CEASD revised (April 2016) the Self-Assessment Guide for Schools Seeking Accreditation, "The Guidelines" and made some additions and changes to the 12 CEASD Standards. The CEASD Standards were adopted from the Middle States Association Accreditation for Growth (AFG) Protocol.

There are twelve CEASD standards.

  1. Philosophy/Mission
  2. Governance and Leadership
  3. School Improvement Planning, Outreach and Viability
  4. Finances
  5. Facilities
  6. School Climate and Organization
  7. Health and Safety
  8. Educational Program
  9. Assessment and Evidence of Student Learning
  10. Student Services
  11. Student Life, Student Activities, and Residential Living
  12. Learning Resources and Information Technology

The revised CEASD Standards address challenges that schools for the Deaf face in addressing continuous improvement and accreditation. While assuring accreditation is a powerful tool for driving effective practices in support of student learning, these Standards emphasize teaching and learning; share embedded common themes across Standards; and address students' ability to successfully develop learning, thinking, and life skills as critical elements of student achievement.

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